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It started as a combination hobby to beat the winter blues and a desire to have some magnetic bracelets, anklets and necklaces that were made with the beautiful, natural stones and semiprecious gems that Mother Earth has so graciously provided us with. We very quickly began to receive requests from family, friends and co-workers and soon we were invited to arts shows.

In February 2005, Earth's Attractions--Designs by Felipe was born. The stones have been used for centuries as talismans, to protect travelers and warriors, to denote royalty, and to bring health, wealth and happiness. Jade has traditionally been used in the orient to bring wealth, well-being, peace and harmony to one's life. Citrine, placed in the correct position of the home or business was believed to bring wealth. Some stones are calming, some are soothing, some are energizing, others are grounding.
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Some were worn while working in the fields and gardens or buried in the ground to ensure stronger, healthier plants. Others were worn for their healing powers. Amethyst was worn in ancient Greece to protect one from drunkenness, either from love or wine. It's name comes from the Greek work "methystos